Wwoofing at Homer Hilltop

Each year, many wonderful Wwoofers – Willing Workers On Organic Farms – join us at Homer Hilltop Farm. And each year, we get slightly more adept at helping our Wwoofers enjoy their experience on our farm. This year, we are stepping up our production of vegetable boxes once again as well as expanding in other directions. As such, we will have a more structured schedule than in years past, while maintaining the family feel we prefer with our Wwoofers.

On the flip side, my goal is to transition into an internship program for those striving to truly develop their farming skills while enjoying their time in Alaska. This year will be the first of two years developing that internship plan. I hope to sketch out some plans for that in advance of the summer, then try some things out to see what works and what doesn’t.

My hope is that those working on the farm will come away understanding the basics of soil structure and organic enhancement as well as skills like how to make compost, crop selection and seeding, techniques for controlling weeds and pests organically, and an overview of the planning process that must be developed to create a financially feasible commercial gardening operation. Stay tuned for more about Wwoofing in 2016 at Homer Hilltop Farm.