Spring is in the air

Even as the snow clings to the ground here in the high hills of Homer, we are in full swing here at the farm. This time of year always feels crazy – there is so much to do, and virtually everything needs to be done at once. This year, I made the mistake of pledging to become more organized around the farm so other people can find things easily. But that takes a lot of thought and time and fiddling around when bigger things like putting up hoop houses and planting starts call. The only solution? Work late. Most of the planting and watering is being done after the kids are in bed these days. But it’s coming along.

Today, I got into the high tunnel for the first time, really, using the new broadfork to loosen a bed where carrots will be planted tomorrow. Carrots are really the only thing I can’t plant from starts – I’ve even got bean and pea starts this year, though they are crazy. The temperature is still hovering in the 40s when it is overcast, but the soil feels OK because we didn’t have a deep freeze this year, so there isn’t an ice block underneath that still needs to thaw. So in the ground the seeds will go, and I’ll put plastic over everything to see if I can encourage it germinate.

Last weekend I planted the tunnel I’m managing part of in town near sea level. It was wonderfully warm in there and we put in bok choi, kale, chard, some lettuce, beets and peas. I’m going to take those ginormous beans down there tomorrow. We have about a month and a half before the first boxes go out, which seems crazy right now, but it’s amazing how it all comes together. Onward!


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